About me

I am Martijn Grooten, a Dutch passport holder based in Europe. I currently work as a consultant on digital security on various projects and am also engaged in pro-bono work supporting vulnerable groups and people.

Martijn Grooten

Between 2007 and 2019, I worked at Virus Bulletin in the United Kingdom, where I was web developer, anti-spam test director and most recently Editor. I organized the annual Virus Bulletin Conference, a leading global threat intelligence event, and oversaw the company’s product testing.

Before that, I worked as a junior researcher in pure mathematics (algebraic geometry) at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. I published one scientific paper. I hold an M.Sc. degree in mathematics from the same university. My M.Sc. thesis was awarded the University Prize in 2002. I was a student member of the faculty council for one year and both secretary and chair of the students’ association for mathematics.

In my free time, I enjoy running, cooking and reading (literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry). I care about social justice and civil liberties. In both my work and my life, I support the guiding principles of Kim Crayton’s #causeascene.

The Guiding Principles of #causeascene: Tech is Not Neutral, Nor is it Apolitical; 2. Intention without Strategy is Chaos; 3. Lack of Inclusion is a Risk/Crisis Management Issue; 4. Prioritize the Most Vulnerable


Email is the best way to reach me: martijn at lapsedordinary.net. I use various messaging apps including Signal, WhatsApp and Wire (contact me through another channel for details) and also accept messages on Twitter or LinkedIn.