Lapsed Ordinary?

Lapsed Ordinary is a phrase from the poem Had I not been awake by Seamus Heaney. You can hear him read the poem here. Barely a month after I registered this domain, Seamus Heaney passed away, aged 74.

Poem "Had I not been awake" as displayed on the London Underground


Lapsed Ordinary is also a company, registered in Estonia under registration number 14355511, with VAT ID EE102017496. The company address is:
Sepapaja tn 6
15551 Tallinn

To contact me, send me an email martijn at

Technical details

This site was made with WordPress on a locally hosted server and then published using the Simple Static plugin1. The theme is Twenty Twenty. The server is hosted at Bitfolk, who are really good and reliable.

1This set-up has obvious security advantages, but is also a little bit fiddly. These days, I generally recommend against self-hosting websites, unless you have a good reason for doing so.