I have given a number of talks on various aspects of digital security at public and private events (as well as, in 2020 and 2021, some virtual ones). This page includes a selection of them.

Upcoming: I will speak at Botconf 2023 (Strasbourg, France, April 12-14) on “Digital threats against civil society in the rest of the world

Martijn Grooten at NCSC One Conference 2016

Spyware and other monitoring and surveillance tactics at WESNET Technology Safety Summit 2023 (virtual, September 2022)

A Survivor-Centric, Trauma-Informed Approach to Stalkerware at Black Hat USA 2021, with Lodrina Cherne (virtual, August 2021).

Panel on stalkerware at Security Demo 2.0 (virtual, October 2020)

Stalkerware: when abuse follows you on your devices at M3AAWG 50 (co-presentation with Tara Hairston; virtual, October 2020)

Panel on stalkerware at NNEDV’s Virtual Technology Summit (virtual, August 2020)

Malspam is Different Spam at Botconf (Bordeaux, December 2019)

Mitigation! Mitigation! Mitigation! at AfricaHackOn (Nairobi, August 2019)

Understanding malspam at BSides Athens (Athens, June 2019)

Phishing: Malicious Actors Moving to Quality over Quantity at Duo Security (Ann Arbor, May 2019)

The State of Malware from the Eye of the Tiger at NullCon (Goa, February 2019)

All your Bayes are belong to us: lessons learned from fighting spam at IRISSCON (Dublin, November 2018)

Getting ahead of the elliptic curve at NorthSec (Montreal, May 2018)

The Good News on Cryptography at NCSC One (The Hague, April 2016)

How Broken is our Crypto Really? at RSA Conference (San Francisco, February 2016)

Elliptic Curve Cryptography for those who are afraid of maths at BSides London (London, June 2015)

The State of Email in 2015 at TROOPERS (Heidelberg, February 2015)

The Many Faces of Mevade at Botconf (co-presentation with Joรฃo Gouveia; Nancy, December 2014)

0800-MALWARE: support scam phone calls at APWG eCrime sync-up (Dublin, January 2012)

The CURSE of anti-spam testing at VB2009 (Geneva, September 2009)