I am occasionally quoted in the media on work I have done, or as an presumed expert on a particular security topic. I am always happy to talk to journalists and help them with their work, which does not necessarily involve being quoted.

This includes tech media, such as Ars Technica, Wired, Motherboard, ZDNet and The Register, as well as general media such as CNN, Forbes and NOS (in Dutch).

Recent media appearances

Episode ‘Stalkerware Exposed’ on stalkerware at Netacea’s Security Sessions podcast (February 2023)

Quoted in Bloomberg article “New York Moves Against Stalkerware, A Tool for Domestic Abuse” (February 2023)

Season 9, Episode 4 of the Command Line Heroes on botnets, together with Jamie Tomasello (April 2022)

Episode 718 of Paul’s Security Weekly podcast on stalkerware, together with Lodrina Cherne (November 2021)

Episode 137 of Your Everyday Cyber podcast, hosted by Limor Kessem and Diana Kelley, on stalkerware (October 2021)

Episode 30 of The Hacker Mind podcast on stalkerware, together with Lodrina Cherne (September 2021)

Article on stalkerware on ZDNet, following the Black Hat presentation I did with Lodrina Cherne (August 2021)

Article on Ars Technica on a number of malicious domains (July 2021)

Interview with in Polish on Pegasus spyware (July 2021)

Article on the takedown of the Emotet botnet in Wired (January 2021).